How To Beat Your Bid Bremoaners

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A post-Brexit HSBC ad banner. A bank where it seems staff incompetence gains reward and disdain for clients earn badge of honour awards. Not that things are any different across the sector…

Remoaners. The new label for the 48pc which did not prevail in the EU Referendum. Brexit was chosen. Does the attitude which will “win” emanate from the new British PM; “brexit means brexit”, so let’s get on with it and make it work for all concerned?

There appear vast swathes of Establishment voices stuck in a vanished moment of time. They wail that there must be another vote. It’s best of three, you see. They promise to conjure all manner of electoral deceit to put the hands back to regress o’clock.

Even Radio 4’s Today highlighted the folly of this, whichever your position, a month on from The Decision. They played a soundbite montage of all the “luminaries” who’s wisdom foresaw that by now Out would have meant we’d all be under the apocalyptic clouds of a nuclear winter. Presidents, Central Bankers, Industry Captains. All thankfully wrong.

A vocal few believing that any EU imperfections never mattered, or that they could have been reversed only from within, stick to the hope that the vaunted trigger of leaving – invoking “article 50” – will be so delayed that it might just never happen. Or if by mistake it is, then traverse so slowly to be rendered null.

Spot any similarities between this tug-o-eurowar and solution selling?

Any seasoned seller knows a joy of success can swivel to pain as someone tries and make like the deal was never reached. What you thought was Done becomes forever Deferred.

I myself have been in Board Meetings where dissension is nil. The Head Honcho bangs their gavel. Post-sale officially entered. Then outside someone astonishingly takes it upon themselves to wholly ignore the team decree. Even signed paperwork no barrier to them. Your ambitions evaporate.

It does not have to be this way.

The deal should be the deal.

So here’s a three-pronged guide upon the shaking of hands to help dispel any dastardly flat-earthers strangling your brighter future.

First Moment

As the misguided HSBC whine shows, negatives cannot fester. Any doubts must be instantly extinguished. There can be nothing more damaging than a day one mis-step. Whatever your normal induction events with a freshly minted client, do absolutely everything you can to make sure they are perfect.

Project Rebrand

I do like this one. Courtesy of a right-wing blogger askew from my natural position. Vote Leave as a pressure group shouldn’t disband. Rather, it should evolve. To Deliver Leave.

The same can be true of your cause. Whatever the strapline pre-sale, immediately amend it upon acceptance in similar fashion.

Prevent Vacuum

The perils of a vacuum must be avoided. The stunned affronted can feel violated. Your first manoeuvres must be spread. Letting any one individual be the fulcrum of a delivery can be fatal. Plenty of activity, across the board, all with a pronounced purpose.

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