In-house tweaking reality

Two conversations this past week re-affirm what a nightmare sales systems become when an internal, technical resource wields more power about them than they deserve.

The first features a sales trainer that’s been supplying mind-mapping software to a client of his for a couple of years for sales-idea generation purposes, yet for that entire time, the CTO has avoided allowing the sales team to put the small piece of kit on their laptops.  Pathetic.

And the second the very next day, was where a bloke running Sales at one of my customers sought a couple of mods to their crm; Saratoga’s Avenue.  They revolved around either letting everyone across the team see certain key national account details, or creating a routine to separately hold key success data.  Either way, his frustration started to show after six months of banging his head against the IT Dept wall, and he’s now giving up on getting support for what is a key pillar of his strategy this year.

Wonder if you can spot the moral of these tales 🙂

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