Discount on 2 Ferraris?

Met a thoroughly decent chap I’ve known on and off for a couple of years yesterday (Jeff) at the rather plush IoD building just off London’s Trafalgar Sq.  He works as a ‘sales practitioner’, which to him means rather than being a sales-cum-training ‘consultant’, he actually gets on and provides continual results for new sales behaviours.

At one stage we were discussing the economic absurdity that exists with purchase economies of scale expectations.  Namely that when you buy more of something, you expect a per-unit reduction, even when in many cases, supplying more can in reality cost more per unit to produce in the service-orientated realm.

It transpires his business partner (another engaging fella called Steve) likes to use this line which I learn, stops the discount questions:

“if you want to buy two Ferraris, do you get a discount?”

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