Inbound Lead Response

I’m currently in South Africa. A place where all the locals constantly moan about the shoddy levels of customer service nationwide. With good reason too. From disinterested government bodies and vacant parastatals, right through to corner cafes and so-called ‘service’ outfits, the standard is indeed generally well below that required.

Years of frustrated dealings with the ex-public telco, Telkom – a company in urgent need of total dismantling and a fresh restart – led me to hunt out a different solution. I’d been recommended Neotel. Part of Indian colossus Tata, I hoped for better.

Yet I should have heeded my friends that in England had suffered at the hands in Indian owners in the past. They simply never make decisions.

And this stretches to not bothering with their website or enquiries.

Can you believe it. The links on their own site to the product I wanted were broken. Then, two separate contact emails from their site that I asked of whether they knew a Cape Town reseller/office both went unanswered.

What a joke.

As solution sellers, we all crave the inbound lead. And many of us are in a constant state of unforgiveness that marketing fail to provide any.

But when one comes in, how is it handled? What’s the prospect’s info request route towards you? How long should they wait for response? And what should that response involve?

Who is even tracking all this your end?

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