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Barca El Born kitchen window

Arh. Barca’s Born district. What a place.

Just strolling the little lanes towards their ‘main square’ (Passeig del Born) is a great way to spend a day.

Down one such passage (near the Barceloneta side), where stone walls surround, a solitary large window appears.

It is not like any other glazing around there.

No retail goodies on display, merchandised to tempt. No bar frontage, curated to be a chic drinks cafe. No foodie marvels, enticing a fantastic Catalan snack stop.

No. This is a rear window. Your view is into the kitchen of a restaurant.

Quite amazing. And captivating too.

The cooks in there seemed used to people gazing in. They just get on with preparing meals.

I loved how unique this was. I’d never seen it before.

I remember how, around the turn of the Millennium, when gastropubs crept into the London psyche, how we revelled in being able to see the food being made, right in front of us.

We were already seated then, and there was usually still a distance between diner and open-kitchen chef.

I instantly wondered what the b2b solution selling equivalent could be.

How could you offer your prospects a window into your kitchen?

I’ve been in software houses that take people around their development den. Been at big telcos that run tours of their operations control centres. And seen factory tours in traditional manufacturing plants.

Yet these don’t feel quite the same. They’re rarely the real-time glimpse into the central nervous system.

Any living window into your performance engine or back-office production world can surely only be a good thing.

And there is of course, a flipside. How about a similar view into your sales efforts?

Forget crm dashboards.

I get an instant vibe (a Malcolm Gladwell Blink judgement, if you like) of any salesteam the minute I first set foot in their sales office. The level of noise. The general atmosphere. The attention to the walls. Overall demeanours. Empty chair share. Active phone call count.

What vibe would I get of yours? And how can you make it further sparkle?

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