Investor Phone Scammers Control Tell

“those who won’t be controlled won’t be sold”

One of the frequent, shouted phrases of an American boiler-room investment manager.

Who kept changing his name as each new dodgy operation opened.

Scamming people over the phone here with supposed telecoms company shares and ghost Floridian property lots in the mid-90s.

With a 15-strong Santa Monica cold call operation of a Jacksonville HQ.

There was a strict list of people to avoid. Including accountants, lawyers, engineers. Because they asked too many questions. They would not allow their so-called “tap dance through the Ts&Cs”. The sellers wanted a simple ‘yes’. Any prolonged contractual questions, for this particular boiler-room, was most definitely not a buying signal.

The boss would scream at any of the “openers” staying on the phone with one of those. Termed nitpickers.

Then once a prospectus was FedExed (all part of the scam) a “closer” would follow-up.

“How many do you want to start with? Should I put you down for ten units?”

The crooks know their ideal prospect personality.

Yet it is disconcerting that many of the good guys do not.

The point here is that they had a way of recognising the non-buyers.

We ought reclaim such tactic for honest and real sales practitioners.

Where the scammers use ‘be controlled’ as their yardstick, we should use ‘follow process’. To make it also rhyme, how about;

“those who won’t be process-enrolled won’t be sold”

As successful solution sellers, we know what our true process is. We live and breathe it. Constant test, refine and monitor it. That pattern of events that when in train, when the prospect duly obliges to join in with them, when happen uniquely for us, we know we shall pretty much prevail.

For us, buyer forensic examination of our paperwork may indeed by one such element.

What are they all?

You could even mantra them up too. For instance another rhymer;

those that leave their CEO in the cold won’t be sold.

Got one similar?

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