Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze

An old saying. Roughly asking, ‘does the reward justify the effort?’

Often delivered in the negative. Surmising that ‘the juice ain’t worth the squeeze’.

Of seemingly unknown origin, the phrase feels borne of fruit-based wisdom.

With all manner of pioneer farming, other’s spouse coveting and investment deployment down the years.

There is a point in many (some might say pretty much any) solution purchase decision where the cost-benefit analysis will emerge. Whether formal or not, your business case will require prospect acceptance. Sometimes through head honcho hunch. More commonly through a vigilant scrutiny regimen.

In the potentially stilted surrounds of the procurement pro, perhaps this framing allows for a point of distinction to credit you.

There is the formal language.

‘How do you typically evaluate returns for projects of this nature?’

Which is fine for the textbooks.

Yet there is a deeper driving force than the raw RoI calculation.

Do they think the output makes the input worthwhile?

It goes beyond mere costs that may beget benefits.

There’s the ‘change’ involved. Disruption to current methods. Time horizons. Getting people on board. Sticking your neck out.

We must get to the emotion.

Which is where such an informal idiom may well help you disarm and charm.

And if you do find yourself up against prospect pushback, well, then you know something about the personality you’re dealing with already. Manage their hostile position. And revert if you must to the more formal discussion.

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