Is Your Canvassing Nuisance Or Responsible?

Cold calling made it into PMQs this week. At Westminster, the sound of David Cameron no less commenting upon a change to the cold call law.

From 6 April, it will be easier to prosecute the frighteningly unscrupulous that bombard the public with nuisance calls and texts.

No longer will a victim need prove to the Information Commissioner’s Office “substantial damages or substantial distress”. And fines increase to £1/2m.

Cue chuckles in the chamber as the Prime Minister evoked the upcoming election and the “gentle canvassing” for votes he expected prospective MPs to undertake by phone.

Teeing up the story, the Beeb played a clip from our favourite Welsh call centre;

“Just a quick call to see if you’ve had your cavity wall insulation yet under the government scheme”

18 interesting words. From the experience of a successful (when he could be bothered) industry old hand.

I have a sneaking admiration for his opener. Despite its old-school leanings.

Whilst certainly not the format I’d choose, there are a couple of winning hooks. “Government scheme” and killer word “yet” being obvious.

Today’s worst offenders include claims management firms, those helping you claw back fraudulently taken bank loan fees (PPI as they’re referred to in England) and in terms of text message harassment, “your loan application has been approved”.

The industry representative I heard expressed pleasure with the tougher rules. He suggested that legitimate callers will win out.

He quoted the umbrella body’s mantra; “responsible marketing“.

So I sense a simple sanity check is in order.

Is your phone prospecting “nuisance” or “responsible”…?

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