Is Your Deal Colour A Shade Or Tint?

blue hydrangea 75-150-184 shade-tint png GR

A shade is achieved by adding black to any pure hue, while a tint is created by mixing white to any pure colour.

Definition from the sales presentation maker’s friend, colorhexa.

From it sprouts an idea to enliven and change up the usual forecast-stroke-account review.

Take your prospect’s signature colour. Or if running through more than one company, take your own.

Project a scale from it, as above with my use of the season’s big fashion, denim. Specifically here, a deepened hydrangea blue.

The centre, fulcrum, bulls eye is where you want to be.

If black is encroaching upon your mood, then you’re in the dark about certain areas.

If you are feeling lighter, then you may be letting over-optimism get the upper hand.

There’s all sorts of pairs of pulls that you can apply to this colour scale.

The idea is to seek that nice balance. Where the bid is shining your way.

Note that if you wish to bring a third axis, you can always cite the definition of tone;

A tone is produced by adding grey to any pure hue

4b96b8 tones (greyings)

Or perhaps more creatively, using a different starting point on this spectrum, you get;

b4d4e2 tones (greyings)

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