Is Your Food Getting Compliments?


In an eaterie, (with the above pictured off-menu brekkie of grown-up chuckie eggs and soldiers), I overheard the owner ask one of her waitrons whether a new dish (a three cheese lasagne) had earned any compliments.

The waitron wasn’t sure.

He should have known and been on top of it.

The owner’s point was clear.

In such an establishment, if diners do not comment on how they enjoyed their meal, (as most people generally do when you clear their plates) then can it really be up to scratch?

She was used to getting compliments.

‘High maintenance’ I hear you cry. Well, yes, but she was for once spot on.

After good food (a rarer event than you’d hope, these days), I say the traditional, “thanks that was great”. I don’t need to pass on plaudits to the chef, nor leave an enormous oversized tip, to also pass on my pleasure.

And aspects of our selling are in the same boat.

You send a doc. You make a presentation. You contribute to a meeting.

Do you hear volunteered ‘thanks that was good, really helpful’ from your prospect?

If not, why not?

I bet when you win a deal you receive such feedback.

When does it happen. And why?

Find out. Then bottle it. Do whatever earned the compliment over and over, on every deal.

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