Jefferson's Best Selling

Thomas Jefferson’s dictum;
that the best government is the least government and that government should concentrate on doing well what only government can do.

So sums up Scottish-born political journalist nonpareil Andrew Neil. In part, railing against the capture of institutions by what he labels The Left Blob. Whom he defines (edited) as, 'not especially pro-Left but it is viscerally anti-Right.'

He can say such - despite being himself of the Right - due to his unimpeachable track record of grillings with bulldog unbiased objectivity. A clear rarity these days.

Whether or not modern-day mensheviks throttle the decent majority into submission right now, there is a genuine debate to be had over what level of government is optimal.

The old sectarian dividing line of the horseshoe - namely that more government is Left, less is Right - appears permanently blurred today.

I blog not to state a case here - you are more than capable of forming your own preference, and anyway, surely should not read a blog on Solution Sales only to receive 'partial' political campaigning - but to suggest an interesting metaphor we could well use, whatever our personal leanings, to our benefit with prospects.

Naturally, we ought never discuss politics, religion or The Great Pumpkin with those to whom we 'sell'.

But we can bounce off the Jefferson dictum above.

Let's swap out the word 'government'. In basic sense first.

The best selling is the least selling and that selling should concentrate on doing well what only selling can do.

Make any sense?

What might your prospect think to that?


What constitutes the 'least selling' in your world?

What is it that only your 'selling can do'?

And how can you concentrate on doing it more 'well'?

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