Kathy McAfee's Quick Pitch

Here’s a neat four-minute refresher on the arts of the quick pitch. It’s rare to hear humility from Americans, so when Kathy McAfee regales us with how she once was clueless on these skills you can’t help but warm to her. Her aim is to get people you meet say “tell me more”.

She riffs on a trio of themes here; elevator pitches of 10 and 30 seconds and a networking suffix.

The first of these she frames with a seven-word statement. Such short constructs are gaining traction, as I’ve blogged last year on the 8-word mission.

This is a fluke, but last time someone asked me what I did (in one particular context) I realise now I also trotted out this kind of ‘septaslogan’; I help people sell more new products.

The final point is also a good one. It applies beyond the realms of informal get-togethers too. Even when pitching, you can sign-off with “and I’m looking to meet people that…” followed by describing the problem that you resolve.

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