Keep Your Sale Perched Atop The Wall Of Fear

Shares climb a ‘wall of fear’ – there’s never a green light to show you that everything’s fine

So went the observation of a rolling news talking head that I caught other day. Cautioning as the global recovery was said to gather pace.

This phrase was new to me, but one in which I instantly recognised its selling parallels. He’s a further websurf discovery;

It is a common truism that “bull markets climb a wall of fear”

Notice how this feeling can grip sales campaigns too.

You think you’re progressing towards the sale, but wary you could lose it at any time.

Yet there is a way around this malaise.

You have the ability to allay such growing concerns.

What aspects of a deal’s progress shows that everything is fine? Or not?

I moved away from the ‘green light’ visual quite quickly. Rather than Humpty Dumpty, for me it’s slightly more reminiscent of the classic children’s board game of snakes and ladders.

Note that I’m not necessarily talking about the well known ‘red flags’. More activity, actions and attitudes across the entire campaign.

What provides you with a genuine rung on a ‘ladder’ from where to climb higher up the ‘wall of fear’? Where is the potential ‘snake’ upon which you potentially slide down the ‘wall’?

In any case, come deal review time or process mapping, there’s a useful perspective here from which to also judge your progress and also make your next such session a little bit different.

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