Kyosei Selling

Kyosei is pronounced, so I’m told, ‘kay-o-say’. 

Had an entertaining meeting early today with a guy called Phil Browne, with terrific growth plans for his Canon (photocopier to document management) reseller business.  His company has been going for several years, and we discussed their strategic theme; Kyosei.

It’s about a Japanese process where capitalism embraces social, environmental responsibility.  I’m sure a zip around the internet would tell me more, but what I was interested in, was its impact on Sales.

Phil thought it was fundamentally understanding, and getting across, you are genuinely concerned with acting in both party’s long-term interest and horizons.  To say he was pushing an open door citing such philosophy to me would be an understatement.  I often talk about being in a sale for the long-term.  It could be earning the right to gain further business at a later stage, or ensuring Returns over several milestones/periods.  And now I can mention the Japanese word for it!

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