Last Minute Data Glitch

Christmas Eve saw surely the largest ongoing negotiation in the world complete.

The Brexit deal was done.

Against so many odds, and perhaps even more doomsayer predictions. Four-and-a-half years of tumult. Now passed.

Yet, naturally, there was a last-minute hitch.

It turns out that one side made a numbers error.

The details barely seem to matter in the grand scheme of things. Literally a drop in the ocean of the £660bn overall value.

Brussels ‘lost’ three percent of Britain’s fishing stock value.

Where agreement had been made for an initial 25% of catch to be kept locally, the treaty text stipulated what amounted to just an “out-of-date” 22%.

London noticed.

Hasty re-drawing took a long night for the Eurocrats.

“It meant officials had to work through the night and Christmas Eve morning to recalculate the numbers on all 105 different species of fish and shellfish covered by quotas.”

I myself have encountered similar.

Whilst the error in this case is not implied to be deliberate sleight of digits – termed more a ‘mathematical bungle’ – seeing numbers that do not reflect what you believe you’ve agreed for the final contract happens.

My most disappointing experience, was with a blue-chip I was buying a large chunk of tech from.

Despite overly-lengthy wrangling, when signatures were about to be inked, it was clear a different revision was presented on paper. Not just one or two draftings prior either. But one appearing to be their standard Ts & Cs. Our starting point now put forward as the end.

I had no hesitation in halting the signing ceremony.

Their rep simply laughed it off.

An awkward time later, the proper documents emerged.

And all trust was shot.

One from which, I am sad to say, there was never really a full recovery.

Carelessness, arrogance, trying it on? Who knows.

Yet the result cost them revenue. And meant I sought alternative supply much sooner than would have been nice.

Whether strange figures are a genuine mix-up, or hidden malfeasance, it is the salesperson’s job – and right – to challenge them. No matter how hard the deadline you’re up against. You’ll benefit in the long-run. Which is how all superstar sellers think.

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