Learning Everyday For Real

It’s a cliché for sure, how many times have I heard someone in sales say “I learn something everyday”.  And then I wonder, ‘yeah? what did you learn yesterday?’

I got a spam-type mail from an English outfit called Sales Sense written by a bloke called Clive Miller.  They seem like trainers, although I can’t remember subscribing to their ‘ezine’!  Anyway, I did read down for the 11 tips on personal development.

They mainly tried to jolt you into action with things like half of what you know in your chosen field will be obsolete inside two years, China & India are pumping out grads that’ll take food from your table, that kind of thing.

But then one point did strike me as a winner.  It was point 11:

“Keep a learning record. Write down headings to represent the things you learn and re-visit your log regularly. Doing so will freshen your memory. After a while you will own the learning.”

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