Less Big Picture

Loved the one-year-on Gerry Robinson back at the NHS show last night.  I blogged on his findings before and again there are a couple of terrific pointers for reps.

He gave a talk to NHS staff saying “it isn’t the big picture stuff” that creates success.  Instead, it’s the little things that go well each day that add up to success.  Any rep that’s got towards the end of the quarter, wondering where the time’s disappeared to and how come the funnel is empty should reflect on that one.

Then his exasperation surfaced about why a new government policy had to appear every two years.  What a waste of time, when the previous policy hadn’t been pursued properly.  The problem is that a policy is made, yet it is never managed.  I’ve seen this one in sales teams.  You want more calls per day, how’s it going to be managed?  New product push required, how’s it going to be managed?  And we’re not talking about just an incentive, followed by email reports.  Proper management is required, the kind that keeps track in real-time, provides genuine on-going support, with regular feedback and scoreboards.

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