Lights Camera Crunch

Who knows the provenance of this 45sec gem.

It feels like parody. Which would give #crunchism kudos to any guerrilla marketing viral memesters at Crunch Fitness.

Even though those reactions do look genuine, how does Ryan switch his cam on with his hands full?

Almost three decades back, I recall one teleconference with an attendee openly at the gym too. Diligently pressing '5' to mute/unmute. Leeway granted as everyone was across big timezone differences. Really no different to another next day or so, where someone dialled in to multi-way call en route to a client, from the windiest of train station platforms.

The setting above might be an internal meeting. Maybe even of the monthly wrap-and-go style. Yet you do hope there's a reason it's in-vision. Despite compelling evidence to the contrary. Courtesy of attitude clearly shown by SB and Ryan.

Was Nick - assuming his opening spiel and particular office backdrop signify either seniority or task-owning convener - going to regale colleagues with some insightful screenshare illumination?

Whenever it was filmed, the quartet sat in their open plan offices (possibly co-working slots?) you might take as approaching the meet as one not moving enough to attend in a purpose-crafted spot for engaging video performance. Should such a space even exist nearby. [Hintlet; it bloody well should!]

If you invite anyone to a video call, make sure they gain visually from it.

When people from more than two locations need to talk, the default nowadays is video. Which can be a shame. As with careful, tailored use of live shared docs you can make a difference with phone-and-collab. A tactic of which, let's remember, your competition probably aren't aware.

Also, on calls like the above - whether to help spark ideas, gauge feeling or choose paths - there are those that set up an extra participant. The sole purpose of which is to be the doc that's being examined, edited or created.

In this case, Nick (or anyone else for that matter) could easily have had a second screen next to their webcam from which to constantly show what was necessary. With all involved adding in real-time as required. Certainly room on that 2x4 grid, as well as another window on each participant's screen, if not on a second of theirs.

A couple o' years back with webinars (which I don't do) I impressed upon clients how they needed an extra person on the call to aid the main speaker with smooth flow of extras. Most do this now. And some as standard for key client calls too.

Yet with a bit of practice, you can adapt for that on your own.

Even from a snippet of zoom levity, there's video sales call best practice to be gleaned.

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