Live Like Monks

Anyone following the remarkable world of ‘arrers’ will be aware that they’ve had in their midst for the past twenty years their own ‘Don’, ‘Tiger’ & ‘Daley’.  The player that always takes the major title when push comes to shove.  Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor though, suffered a recent slump.  No World Final appearance and shoddy league showings.

After getting back to something approaching his old dominating form, I saw an interview with him asking how he’d reversed the decline.  He explained that he’d forgotten how much work he needed to be putting in to stay at the top.  He had to go back to “living like a monk”, putting aside everything else for a regime of “dedication”.  He even quoted grainy black-and-white footie legend Stanley Matthews, who when asked why he went out running at 5am answered it was because his “opposition wasn’t”.

With the annual Snooker-fest completed recently, this also reminded me of their greatest ever talent saying similar words each time he falls of the rails and scrabbles back to the top.

I’ve a brand new product to sell at present, and I’m currently facing up to the fact, that the only way it’s going to be a success, is by following this self-same formula to make it happen.

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