Logo Business Card Trademark

Logo Business Card Trademark

I came across this quote through citing from a fashionista at a graduation ceremony.

From a self-styled America influencer, labelling himself a brand strategist.

Around since at least 2015, you can see why it enjoyed a viral half-life beyond the norm.

Your smile is your logo
Your personality is your business card
How you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark

What struck me instantly, was that it felt ever-so-slightly askew.

That first line is a winner.

The second seems too broad though. A little wishy washy as well.

For us in solution sales, we could swap in another element.

How about taking out 'personality', for bringing in 'questions'?

The final line I also applaud as-is.

So only a slight tweak for what I sense would help us stand out in our arena.

I wondered too, beyond the personal slant, how you might use this to uncover the underlying business direction and themes of your prospect.

An essential building block in our world.

You could even write it out in front of them, F2F. Or have it pre-scribbled onto a piece of paper/card when over video (a terrific Video Calls That Sell prop).

Ask them what they aim for, as alternative versions of 'smile', 'personality' and 'leave others feeling after an experience with you' (aka, the impression you leave after you've gone).

Gauge from their perspective.

If seeking an extra angle, the originator prizes consistency. What you do over and over. And what you don't do. Both your actions and inactions.

You can also do the lovely trick of crossing out with a different colour pen those terms and replacing with their new words in the generous line-spacing you left.

Be interesting to know whether their first-run focused on their 'product', or how they conduct themselves.

Whether 'features' or 'benefits' come to the fore.

You could even make a second iteration to move the focus.

And find the extent to which any revealed values align with yours.

An early proto-page of this vibe for a video call, later iterations left more space for annotation and used a lighter initial pen colour;

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