London Dirty Burger Price List Tip


Trendy Shoreditch. In need of feed. An artisanal looking small shop, opposite the train station. Next to a bar that impressively sported a sign, “hipsters must be accompanied by a responsible adult”. I saw the server was also the cook. Intrigued, I asked her what the burger was like. “Definitely the best in London”. A good start.

The stenciled menu above the counter resembled the website pdf (above).

Handful of items only. Save from the annoying .5 vibe, en vogue crispness.

Many a corporate price list could do with paring back this way.

Yet there are flaws.

No third meat-plus option.

Crying out for that special creation for a tenner, eleven quid, even.

Same-priced sides. And again no third – what about a slaw?. (The chips by the way are great, but far too large a portion for solitary dining.)

Then how can they have more Shakes than Burgers? And all those Soft Drinks. What are they really, a fizzy pop bar?

The clutter can be cleared. A simple addition here or there can build both profits and choice. And ideas like Sharing or Sliders abound to be tested.

They truly offer a terrific burger. With a couple of menu tweaks, both they and you can have a price list to match.

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