Loving "the James Bond stuff"

Been doing quite a bit of repping recently, and in an oil industry software supplier, heard a heart-warning tale of how ‘service’ personnel were contributing to sales lead generation.

These technical guys were in and out of customers all the time, yet their golden knowledge wasn’t being leveraged properly.  They were clearly privvy to some spectacular intel, yet there was no mechanism for funnelling it into worthwhile channels.

The Sales Manager asked them to make sure when they were helping someone on-site, whether it be with installation, training or consultancy, to ask them which team they were in and who their team leader was.

The idea was to uncover a pathway to the as yet unopened doors for extra sales, by coming across new or potential ‘users’ or people happliy affected by the kit, that could take more of it or associated services.

When this was explained, one such services person remarked, “great idea, I do love all this James Bond stuff!”   At last, the recognition we salespeople thoroughly deserve 🙂

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