Match Medium to Meaning

Voice Your Emotions, Text the Facts

One of seven (plus one) modern-day contacting tips I read from the clickbait title, 'etiquette expert explains the new phone rules'.

My Sales brain instantly added to the above;

Voice Your Emotions, Text the Facts, Video to Progress with Emotions and Facts.

This struck a selling chord principally due to revealing an area of improvement that, when unlocked, I have seen yield huge productivity, progress and personal gains.

Sadly too few salespeople have cracked how to match the medium to the meaning.

Mapping out what they wish to achieve with a particular dialogue, transaction or touch, onto the type of method used to host messaging required or desired.

Any conversation with a prospect can choose email/message, phone, in-person or live video.

Selecting for what each conversation is and what it seeks to achieve has a huge bearing on which of those four choices most suits to give the outcome you aim for.

When you pursue process improvement - the genuine, repeatable, sustainable pattern of events that when in play, guarantee success - knowing what contact works best through which medium truly sets you apart.

There are certain elements that are tailor made for using video calls. Then again, many that are not so. Do you know your difference?

I also note there's a good couple of other points, including the +1, namely;

the closer you are to someone, the less the rules apply.

Which could also be used as a qualifier. After all, a video meeting can be crafted to discuss one core item, requiring a visual run-through and connection, over just twenty minutes. If someone doesn't want to partake, what does that tell you?

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