Match Your Supposed Buying Partner's Desire

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The things that creep into your feed… How to say ‘yes!’ to sex seemed a cheap shot.

Yet I couldn’t help mull how the want-it-now-now-now salesperson and the million-other-things-on-my-plate buyer ever get it together.

The original Aussie writing title perhaps gives an inkling. Come from a place of Yes.

Well. I guess it is impossible to go through life without buying anything, right?

Still, one Sales theme does emerge. From her citing of the higher-desire partner (HDP) and lower-desire partner (LDP).

Is it too crude to suggest the seller overwhelmingly tends to be the HDP pre-sale? Then somehow switches to LDP after?

Despite being well short of solid advice, just like in her self-help lifestyle guru world, the best sales occur when buyer and vendor are in tune. Harmonious joint journeys through the scales of interest and urgency.

Our job is to appreciate the prospect’s LDP status, and gently initiate their upward growth.

Have you your list of moves that achieve this?

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