May The Fourth Count

An interesting slant on a kind of ‘rule of three’. [see also this blog from 2013 on Threes and Thirds and this one from 2017 on Sales Survival Rule Of Threes.]

Translated to Sales, it struck me as perhaps advice to make sure your pitch, process and delivery is shaped by Deal 4.

Someone remarked to me that if you’ve not got something moving in the right direction by the fourth go, then you’re in trouble.

Then I had the good fortune to experience the wonder of something being beautifully set on the winning path 4th time along myself.

We’re well used to the americanism of ‘three strikes and you’re out’. I’m not referring to that kind of last chance saloon or when the hook comes.

Merely that you ought have seen the right pattern by Turn Four.

You’ve got three tries. Gimmes, if you like.

When the mulligans run out, then from No.4 you surely must sense you’re heading on the right plane.

Who knows whether this stacks up. Academically or psychologically or scientifically speaking.

And you may well have your own proven timeframe or step-marker by which #failfast decisions can (must) be made.

But whatever, it sounds a noble discipline to apply to your selling endeavours. One that’ll make you self-aware. A critical trait underpinning – cementing – your ideal, optimum, repeatable, sustainable, refinable sales process. What’s your number…?

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