Meddic Sales Process

Searching for a pair of old Ray-Ban shades, I came across some slides from a training course I once attended on a terrific sales process.  The mnemonic ‘meddic’ comes from:

Economic buyer
Decision making process
Decision making criteria
Identify pain

You will only sell a solution if you fully cover each of these bases.  The middle four probably need no further explanation.

Metric means being able to have both relevant success of a similar nature from completed existing client projects that match the campaign in question, and knowing what benefits you’ll bring to the prospect’s specific table, all presented – and this is the crucial point – in hard-hitting, stark, financial terms.

I often hear people talk about ‘Champions’ in a misleading manner.  These aren’t any old Joe’s.  They must exhibit a firm professional and personal win from what you provide, and also be willing and able to use their clout, sometimes even going out on a limb, to push it through for you.

Interestingly, what I’ve personally sold this decade (despite sometimes involving six-figure sums) has always been to a single person, rarely requiring authority or acquiescence from elsewhere.  Makes qualification easier for one thing.  Yet the odd latest addition to my product set may not necessarily share such simplicity.  I will definitely be using the Meddic process as one of my key tools throughout these imminent campaigns.

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