Breaking Their Habit

Here’s insight gained from a lovely fella called “Lachie”, selling engineering supplies into a brand new patch for his company.  The last time he embarked on such a task, within two years he went from zero to full quota, all from a standing start.  His secret is focusing on how to “break their habit”.

He’s learnt that it takes a while to earn an order first-time ’round.  The prospect will pick up the phone and do what they’re used to doing.  They’ll not even remember you offer an alternative.

So you must remember to keep yourself in their mind.  Repeat calling (“wear out the shoe leather”) can seem repetitive, but a call prep plan for each month that looks similar is what it takes when the average number of visits to penetrate an account could be as high as 10.

Each month he tries to create some activity.   Whether his tool is a sample left behind, a quote (no matter how small) or a technical catalogue, he keeps plugging away by saying “is there anything we can do this month, can I at least quote for the next order?

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