Change First

I get frustrated by salesreps that seem set in their ways.  I’ve been trying to show one particular team recently that a little tweak can make a huge difference to their performance.  But they all prefer to stay doing what they’ve always done.

They have a core product set.  They’re all comfortable with this, many having been involved technically in that field since they left school.  There is now a new product set.  One they perceive they are inferior in to the competition.  Yet the couple of guys who are not shackled by their history with the major set, are flying with it.

They key is to always be talking about it.  It’s obvious.  Travel documentary maker and ex-Python Micheal Palin went to Poland recently and met a Cockney who arrived there 15yrs+ ago, and when asked how he learned the language, his reply was that the best way was to walk into a bar and by a bloke a beer.  And then simply talk.

Will the prospect really care if you don’t know everything about the new product?  Why can’t you leave with a list of questions to get back to them with answers?

Haymarket publishing founder Micheal Hestletine was interviewed in yesterday’s Sunday Times.  When asked about the ‘threats’ of new media he succinctly replied, “A period of dramtic change implies threat, because someone saw an opportunity before you did.  Why not get in first?”

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