Meeting Room Renaming

Own the syntax, own the bid.

One of a trope of adages that seasoned solution sellers know only too well.

In this case, I refer to naming the project.

To do so, makes it way more likely to happen with you at the helm.

The example of the Summer involves Twitter. Or as we are urged to newly call it, X.

We all know the 'old' logo. That blue bird silhouette. With us since 2010, refined around 2012 I believe, and nicknamed internally, Larry.

Even there is a good steer.

You award the nickname, you help shape the narrative. Larry must've meant something useful to somebody. Maybe through implied connection with namesake co-founder favourite home-town basketballer, in whatever way.

It appears that in common with many an office, meeting rooms had names.

Twitter chose the bird of various US states for each of theirs.

But come the rebrand, they must take flight.

The NYT reported a trio of the newly ascribed meeting room names;

eXposure, eXult & s3Xy.

I trust you can spot the theme here.

Although who might rush to book that last one is moot.

Apparently the X prominent in Elon Musk's SpaceX venture stands for exploration. As commentators have noted, the precise meaning of today's Twitter replacement - placeholder, variable, omni-prefix - is less clear right now.

Whatever the merits of this particular Big Tech corporate cultural and catalogue change, there is something in how we reframe our meetings. Whether virtual or in-person, actually.

"Join me in Room _______"

Fill-in your blank.

Despite it still being on whichever video platform typically used, giving the upcoming meeting a special label, with associated 'personality', can work in your favour.

Whether once-off, in addition to any meeting title, or alongside an assembled team or project with a name already.

For now, as tempting as it may sound, unless your target audience revel in all things X App, probably best to avoid emphasising any letter 'x' in said word though.

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