Meteorite Artistic Value Can Sculpt Your Gem Of A Bid

Auctioneer Christie’s are currently pushing works of art from outer space. A fascinating concept, I was further delighted to hear in-house specialist James Hyslop outline how he frames nature’s inter-planetary pre-historic sculptures’ commercial value.

“The diamond industry uses the four Cs.
We use the four Ss: size, shape, science, and story.”

If it’s a good enough platform for possibly Man’s greatest heist in terms of diamond marketing, then surely it can work wonders for both space-rocks and solution Sales alike.

In the run-up to the event, here’s how Forbes summed this up; “Prices typically range from around $500 to over $100,000, depending on the size, type, condition and provenance.” Further explained with “whether the piece is whole or fractured; its locality at the time of discovery; its aesthetics; colour; crystalline structure and translucency.”

Showing precisely how much crisper 4Ss sound.

Three immediate applications occur. Urgency, Qualification & Ideal Customer Profile.

Whether it’s guiding a hesitant buyer to view their current status through the prism of proximity to needing your solution, establishing how close a fit we feel we offer on a opportunity or realising the psychographic match between us and our betrothed, a quartet of check factors feels just right.

So, with whichever criteria you usually judge, pull out the key four. Then swap in synonyms until each description is a single word that starts with the same letter.

Ingrain them with prospects and colleagues alike.

Your deal can then shine like diamond grading’s colour, cut, clarity and carat, or go meteoric like the newly formed four Ss.

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