More Damning Compliance Data

A wholesale/distributor with 250 telesales agents, and around 40 road-reps, I’ve spoken to about even more sales effectiveness during January are enjoying ahead-of-target sales as the new year gets underway.

They’re investing millions with in-house programmers, sister Indian company development, customisation of the leading industry finance software and bespoke analytical capabilities.

Yet as we spoke, the guy at the helm of sales, reckons only 30% of his salespeople are currently (and perhaps will use in the future anyway) using the considerable gear they can tap into right now.

The rest all cite the usual excuses; ‘too busy’, ‘don’t you want me selling’, ‘it takes too long to use’, ‘it’s not relevant for me’.  Why is it so few salesguys see the enormous benefit of just a couple of minutes a day devoted to engagement in these areas?  And no-one seems to be making them do so?

And a further damning hunch I was also privvy to:

“if I sent an email out now, and said responses today earn fifty quid, only a third would reply on time – another third would do it later in the week, and the final third would never bother saying they were either too busy or never got the email!”

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