Overcoming Reticence Bizarrerie

Here’s an interesting angle for getting your foot in the door.  I met a decent chap at a prospect, called Stuart Berkeley who shared some happily experienced views of selling.  We got to talking about how lazy buyers can be.

Surely when your job depends on showing you’re on top of everything (whether technologies or tactics) and someone says they’ve something ‘new’, it’s got to be in your best interests to see what it’s all about – even if you stipulate now probably isn’t a time you’re actually in the market for such wares?

So why is it that so many buyers say ‘no, clear off’ to us when we say we’ve something new to offer.  It is indeed a mystery.  I guess a counter argument, could be the old chestnut of “….if I saw everyone that called me up I’d get no work done blah blah blah…”.  In reality, how many people are calling up and saying, genuinely, “here’s something new you won’t have seen before”?

I went to a direct mail seminar over ten years ago where their advice on mailshot writing (in the days before email) was plaster the communication with the word NEW, as it was proven to be the most effective word in getting buyer attention!

So, I reckon as well as offering something ‘new’, you can also try and engage with ‘how would knowing about the latest revelations/innovations/developments help you achieve your ambitions?’

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