More Entrepreneurial Sales Lessons

All the papers I’ve read for the past ten days, each rolling-news channel segment seen, and every conversation with friends enjoyed, have all included significant bewilderment and gloom that we are definitely in a ‘recession’.  One senior business executive-type chap I discussed this with even supports the Kondratieff view that it will turn into a depression, although in another pal’s words, “we won’t call it that until the first City suicide”.  Charming.

I picked up that the American rag Inc notes that several of its current ‘Inc 500’ actually founded in the immediate aftermath of the Twin Towers destruction.  This intrigued me as those that have set up and significantly grown their own endeavours tend to say that if you can set up in times of real uncertainty and darkness and survive, you will be a big-time winner.  And we seem set for plenty of Quarters in just such a trough.

So I fell across ten tips for the entrepreneur on the Inc website.  Brief morsels, I liked the fact that they seemed entertainingly real-world expansions of the traditional, dry text-book, advice.  The mantra Cash Is King for instance, crops up in pleas to only spend what you’ve got and treat sales as loans, only counting once you’ve collected the dosh.

Other decent tidbits that apply well to the travails of the salesrep, include forget shortcuts (they will return to haunt you) and treat the competition with respect (always a winner when you lick this one).

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