More To Fill Your 25-hr Days

I’ve blogged in the past about the long-term rewards of leveraging your personal expertise and being your own micro-marketing and marcomms manager. Yes, it’s a ton of work, yet if you accept the discipline required to maintain a continual process, your funnel will undoubtedly be the largest on the block.

So it was with instant sales recognition that I was grabbed by the recent tale of work experience 15-year old making waves for a merchant bank. Morgan Stanley garnered front-page news and competitor-slaying column inches of comment by asking their intern for a report on how teenagers consume media and communicate.

It apparently enthralled its target audience, as the initial FT article details.  For balance, the same authority printed contrary opinion from their Letters page and also their own comic placement schoolchild.

I think there’s a winning sales lesson here for any of us solution sellers that do commit to sending a regular permission-granted email on the state of the industry around their target market.

People want to hear about how others in their field are dealing with the self-same problems, issues and challenges that they are. So the message of this tale is seek out unusual oracles, analysts or those with experience. Capture and spread their advice, and you too can generate “five or six times more” the normal buzz.

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