N: Selling Shoptalk

Negative Close
Put the potential customer off-guard by saying why they would not go ahead.

An art and science! Once the potential customer has got over the emotional decision to buy, you discuss on what terms they will take your offering. You need to know how to handle negotiating Currencies.

Negotiation Close
Testing commitment by introducing Negotiation tactics early.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A psychological-based technique that enables you to ‘read the minds’ of potential customers by understanding how they think. An almost religious following with some good uses, with the core being do people see, hear or feel their surroundings? 

As in ‘Got The Nod’. This means the prospect has told you that you are likely to get the order. Beware, of course. Just because you are in the box seat at that particular moment in time, it does not necessarily follow the business is in the bag! Getting The Nod though, is a great sign, as when someone wants to buy from you, they tend to like making your day and tell you sneakily beforehand. 

Numbers Game
Throw enough mud at the wall and some will stick. The old ‘Activity=Sales’ syndrome re-visited. The more people you contact the buyers you will find.

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