O: Sales Parlance

Objection Not a negative thing! A statement or question from a potential customer that you must address before continuing successfully.

Objection Log A list of Objections and how they were handled. 

Obvious Close Asking for the order straight out. No gloss applied. 

Offering The product and service you sell for a living.

One-to-One Marketing Sometimes called The New Marketing or Relationship Marketing, One-to-One Marketing is changing the way firms view their operations by making you aim to deal with every single customer as individually as possible. 

Opinion Leadership Word Of Mouth. In the sense that if you are generating great word-of-mouth about yourself (or product or whatever), then you are forming a good opinion in the big wide world, hence ‘leading opinion’. 

OTE On Target Earnings or Opportunity To Earn. What a prospective employer claims you’ll pick up for doing your numbers. Be careful, as a whole bunch of unscrupulous bosses lead interviewees up the garden path about this in lunar landscape times of recruitment difficulty.

Outside Another term used to describe Fieldreps.

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