P: Selling Phrases

PA Personal Assistant. Your best friend inside a potential customer. Can be a shield, or maybe a Gatekeeper, but always someone you have to earn the right with and they can make things happen for you. 
The single biggest most important quality I believe a salesrep must posses to succeed. 
The turf you tread that all your business must come from. Can be geographic or not.
Pay Plan The agreement between you and your employer that determines what extra you earn over and above your Basic Salary when you bring home business.
Phone Phobia Not wanting to make those calls to find the buyers. Dial Now! 
Related to Funnel, more describing the overall amount of potential business you have on the horizon rather than breaking it down. The larger the better. 
The forms of words you use to describe how wonderful your offering is. 
When you put your neck on the line and commit to your boss you will bring a specific deal in. 
Political Map
A method of visualising who supports your proposal or not, and to what extent. Used mainly to bear influence in your absence within your potential customer. 
The most destructive corporate force known to man. Where people are privately following their own interest agendas that usually do not fit with what is best for their company. 
Preparation Call
Rather than jump in with both feet it can often be a great idea get some ammo beforehand with this type of phone call.
Presentation Where you stand up and talk to an audience of potential customers. 
Price Objection
“I’m not paying that!” “It’s too much!”. Gibbons from Borneo have been trained to deal with these! 
The other side of paranoia, apparently. And salesreps suffer from it in droves. It is where a positive spin is put on everything. 
Proof Statement
Part of a pitch that offers evidence as to how good your offering actually is shown to be. Better to make it into a Metric.
Proposals The formal Documentation that sets out why the potential customer should buy and on what terms. 
The potential customer. Usually one that has engaged in some kind of serious investigation into buying from you.
Prospecting The act of finding prospects. Predominantly telephone based.
Puppy-Dog Close As in, once the child has seen the puppy, you’ve got to have it! Also known as an Evaluation Close. Suggesting to customers they have something for a trial period, “on eval”.

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