Nail Your Point Format

So I was talking through mnemonics with someone.

POINT arose.

Preparation – One page only – Interesting – Newsworthy – Three

I remembered it fondly.

I then riffed on how this kind of thing can really sing and dance when re-designed onto a specific business setting.

In our case, you get a salesteam to make their own version, they own it, and it flies.

As an example, my first stab to adapt this for your own pitch began with;

Practice One I Number Takeaway

What I tried to cover with this quintet was the need to rehearse (P), focus only on a single sharp angle (O), ensure you frame the classic WIIFM (I), use a memorable figure (N), and stress what you want the listener to be able to recollect afterwards (T).

Vexed slightly that the middle ‘I’ (as in capital ‘i’) could be confused with ‘one’, I set about further iterations of these initial-letter triggers. I soon swapped in Integer for Number. In turn, I fashioned a further sample five;

Poetry Ownership Intrigue Newness Topical

It doesn’t matter what words you use, so long as they properly instruct your sales efforts and (crucially) make a large and consistent impact in your potential customer’s eyes.

A third and forth option quickly flowed;

Proof Open Isolate Novel Testimony

Profit Original Individual Nurture Trap

Each designed to house all that is essential for a new product pitch to a key target individual.

Anything that evokes what the hook is for your prospect, truly framed from their perspective, is a winner.

Work out five key elements to your pitch to strongly make your point.

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