Name That Project

A company I’ve recently worked with had a load of consultants in. They were delivering some new procurement processes.

They’d named each project with a snappy TLA (three-letter-acronym) each with the number 2 in the middle. It’d had become a bit of a running gag to mention such as P2C and P2O as many times as you could in a conversation.

I jokingly suggested that a piece of sales coaching could share a similar treatment. C2C for cold-calling to cash, anyone?

Eyebrows humorously furled.

I remember a good company-boss I once had. An out-and-out sales animal. He reckoned that when you get a prosepct labelling your proposal with a specific project name, you’re onto a total winner.

Something a bit more inspiring than a2b. Even better when aligned to a key business idea. Then you can indeed both own the bid and send the all-important message that you are genuinely on the prospect’s side of the table.

Project Problems Solved is on the way…

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