New Proposed Ideal Calorie Diet Plan & Your Funnel Management

This graphic is by London’s Telegraph, reporting England’s public health body’s latest eating recommendations.

400-600-600. The calories you should aim for on your three daily meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner.

A tough ask.

Snacks, drinks, starters, puds, elevenses, teas, all falling foul of the drive to get us fitter and less fatter.

As you can see from their accompanying graphic, we are generally both useless at self-reporting and eat way above what we ought;

There’s a clear pipeline parallel here.

How much must you have on the go to know you’ll smash 100%?

What proportion of deals are small, medium, large in the perfect prospect portfolio?

Which optimum product mix or engaged buying personnel precedes predictable orders?

And more besides.

You can create your own ideal selling calories per sitting. Or if in a team, remind and rebuild what kind of funnel constitutes the best guarantee of preferred performance.

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