New Sales Manager Turnaround, Blair-stylee

So Tony B-Liar finally ended his tenure of Number Ten.  Paxo hosted a Newsnight Blairathon to assess his ‘legacy’.  Unfortunately it included Alistair Campbell, which made me wonder how many of Newsnight’s 1½m loyal devotees view him as one of Britain’s most odious men, but at least it gave fascinating insight into the stunning sales jobs Blair regularly pulled off.

Blair (entertainingly just like Thatcher) really mastered public oratory and memorable soundbite delivery to pitch with purpose and exposed ‘objections’ by often posing how you might feel confronted by the hitherto unacknowledged flaws of the opposing situation.

Yet the best sales message came from (Opposition Foreign Affairs spokesmen) William Hague, stating his dislike of Blairite public service policy.  And it’s a message for any new sales manager wondering how to make an impact:

“you cannot run a big organisation by sitting in the centre, issuing targets and administering summits”

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