Next Year's Corporate Hospitality

I tried to run a client jolly once.  As my customers have always tended to be sales people, I thought they’d really appreciate the TLC.  I myself have enjoyed these treats, especially geting to play the Belfry’s Brabazon course just before wallopping the Yanks in the Ryder Cup and seeing England beat both the Sweaties & Aussies at Twickers.  In the early planning phase, I quickly abandoned plans.  There was a snag.  If sales people were to attend such events, then it could only be accepted if their customers were being wined and dined. 

This topic came up in the juicer last night with a mate of mine talking about how his suppliers (large financial institutions) were cutting back bigtime on hospitality.  Even this week an HSBC guy amazingly began a presentation to him with the words “if I start sounding too depressed tell me and I’ll move on”.  It seems the ‘credit crunch’ “crisis” will lead to more trouble soon ahead.

Anyway, with the banks drastically reducing their golf days and the like, one banker realised the key to ensuring budgetary approval for his next plans.  Every event has last  minute cry-offs.  You book and pay for 20 people to play Wentworth.  But when only 15 show, you still pay for 20 green fees, 20 meals and 20 bedrooms.  Bosses are now intolerant of that 33% overspend.  So, the key is to ensure several people are in the mix as back-up.  How you manage this is another matter, but at least you could get to keep your jolly!

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