Nobody Let Google Bounce Stop Your Sale

Examples of #googlefail fill many a longform, listicle and captioned pictures story.

Here’s one new to me.

On the day in question, it appeared one of my recently posted gmails remained unsent.

The message that appeared in my inbox to inform me was from;

Bounce <>

With text body (no subject line);

Google servers are temporarily overloaded. Your message was not sent. Please try again shortly.

Astonished, I searched for answers.

Such address – with slightly different text – often heralds the 24hr suspension of spam-like behaviour.

In my case here, with only a solitary glitch in among half-a-dozen sent over a couple of hours, it did seem that the mighty Now-Do-Evil-ers had a capacity issue.

Alongside the faith shaking realisation that they were after all fallible, another wobblesome gripe crept up.

“Please try again shortly”. What? Even in the Wild West web 90s your email host of choice would keep trying faced with such issue.

Yet today, googlers feel that it’s fine to put the onus on you, the customer, to sort it all out.

You can imagine the tricky chat. Whether made through alternative message options or (the shame) an actual voice call. “Any email … ? Google said something weird …”

This is just the very kind of frustration you hit when dealing with countless flavours of commodity or utility provider.

What are your response times? Which actions, process markers, gateways can cause a pause? How are bottlenecks or roadblocks alerted to?

When such a hiccup drags, breaching the point of no return, what do you do?

How do you make your potential client aware of any delay, snag or re-routing required?

Everybody makes a mistake. It’s not the error that defines you in your customer’s eyes. It’s how you react to it that counts.

Google don’t seem to care much about your communication throughput. Don’t let your prospects ever get the same impression about you.

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