Nominative Determinism

So, your name can influence you in ways you didn’t realise.

In a line that even comedy writers would avoid, this came to light after someone came across…

“a paper on incontinence in the British Journal of Urology which was written by J W Splatt and D Weedon”

And so Nominative Determinism was coined.

I myself have encountered a couple of examples. Although the only person I have ever met with the surname Sell, was a total techie. He built data centres for a living when I knew him.

Still, if this theory holds true (& I do feel it has merit) then how about using it to create project names?

As you may know from my blog in March earlier this year, I love the idea of naming projects.

So now you have permission to go out and think of one that’ll signpost true success.

I can see now all those people trying to out-sell Apple with project names around Adam. Afterall, he was the first to eat an apple, right. Ahem.

I’m sure you can do better in your real world. Go on.

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