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The most reported negotiation on the planet as I blog sways between the EU & UK over Brexit, the US-China “Trade War” and ongoing reverberations from the elapsed Iranian Nuclear Deal.

This week the former approaches its (latest) cold-sweaty deadline.

The Eurocrats demand to see amended plans by certain dates. The British recoil from such imposed, “artificial” timelines. And say they’ll present when both ready and happy the other side will move on them. Classic brinkmanship-meets-powerplay.

During these shenanigans, I note that the UK has delivered what are termed “non-papers”.

New to me, this label appears to arise from diplomatic circles. Where you want to suggest something, but in an unofficial capacity. Not to be confused with stated policy or concrete proposition (in the jargon, akin to ‘legally-operable papers’), it’s more a listing of preferred solution options. Here’s a couple such definitions;

“non-papers” are a way of floating proposals for discussion without that side committing to any position,

a discussion paper which is not to form part of formal business,

a document with talking points that normally does not have any official seal or letterhead on it.

Some web sources cite equivalence with an ‘aide-mémoire’. I’m not so sure about that title here. Yet the principal is one readily embraced by us solution sellers.

There is a key mini-phase in a bid which many processes strangely overlook.

Whilst not every deal or environment may be wholly appropriate, more often than not its inclusion is highly beneficial to our ambitions.

The Pre-Proposal.

Particularly, the Pre-Proposal meeting.

I see down the years this is now the sixth time I’ve blogged in it.

Its purpose is to run ideas for your eventual Prop by your buyer. Hopefully one who bonds closely with your cause. Gaining crucial buy-in along the way allied to the power of perceived shared ownership. And truly getting tight as possible to the solution that’ll win.

This news from the Westminster-Brussels axis serves as an excellent reminder to slot such activity in. Along with a useful event to piggyback from world affairs, smoothing the way for a prospect more receptive and ultimately of heightened predisposition towards us.

Why not ask your current hot prospect to help fine tune and hone their awaited Prop, so they simplify getting what they’re after and maybe even quicker, by running through a non-paper with you?

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