Movie Logline For Your New Product

I’ve blogged before on tips for solution selling from attention-grabbing deployed in tinseltown.

Mainly that screenwriter perennial, the high concept.

This is where you frame your screenplay referencing either;

🎬 another film, specifically one world famous megahit with your new angle added (oft-cited examples include ‘Jaws in space’ for Alien & ‘Die Hard on a boat’ for Under Seige or even ‘Die Hard on a bus’ for Speed),

🎬 or a combo of two well-known films, in the style of ‘x’ meets ‘y’, or more creatively, something like the game-changing lovechild of ‘a’ and ‘b’, or elements of the two, such as the look of ‘m’ with the attitude of ‘n’.

Then there’s the synopsis style plot outline from as simple a deconstruction as possible. Using the genre-defining Jaws as an example, “man versus shark”.

And how can we forget the classic trailer trope, cue deep growling voice, “in a world where…” Before going on to list normally outrageous scene-setters.

The most recent such cliché I saw actually continued with, “…nothing is certain”. From the man who perhaps invented this pitch, comes this intriguing pillar; “We have to very rapidly establish the world we are transporting them to. That’s very easily done by saying, “In a world where…” You very rapidly set the scene.”

Interestingly, I recently heard an insight into screenwriting from master of the skill, Aaron Sorkin; “you don’t have an idea until you can use the words, ‘but’, except’, ‘and then’ “. These could well help frame some of the above when adapted to your newest product intro.

Now we may also embrace the logline.

These are again aimed more at potential producers than future watchers.

This seeks to position the film less by the character study of those involved, but rather with what the character wants. With the viewer set to see if they achieve it.

There’s even webpages where you can both generate random loglines, as well as see lists of more famous samples..

The basic gist is that you’ve a person, a kind of crisis, and a quest. They can even get fancy labels. Such as one formula which advises these four components; inciting incident + protagonist + action + antagonist.

In any case, there will be an occasion with every fresh launch, where someone will ask you what it’s all about. Too many a seller falls, unprepared. The cinema can give you a template. Ones which aren’t at all bad to have in your pocket for back-up.

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