Polarisation Deflectors & Proposal Adoption

I listened to a recent radio panel discuss impartial journalism in a polarised world. I say discuss, it was pretty much an embarrassment to the medium. Packed with luvvy opinionators with almost no regard for any world outside their cosy bubble.

I battled through. Fortunately, I came away with a couple of potential juicy weapons for us solution sellers when navigating infested political waters.

First up, a pair of quotes. Given it’s experience of a public state broadcast native with highly likely a line of preserving his organisation and place in it rather than presenting balanced information, they’re refreshingly useful;

Some facts are too good to check

An argument on the way to a deadline

These feel prime for a piece of placid deflection.

They bring to mind further ways to depolarise during the intensity of a bid (as I’ve blogged on before during 2019). Allowing you to disarmingly press a ‘pause’ button for reflection and refocus.

As seen illustrated up-top, the other item of note brought up the Overton window. This frames understanding where common, accepted ground currently sits. Originally to allow better campaigning on it. Also meaning you can work on how to slide that ground anywhere else you may wish in your desired direction.

What I do like is an additional element. Added apparently by a former speech writer inside US Presidential Administration 43. Treviño’s degrees of acceptance offer this six-step scale;

Unthinkable – Radical – Acceptable – Sensible – Popular – Policy

I can’t help but see the parallel with corporate buying persuasion.

In a deal qualification mode or forecasting layer plotting these can expose the legitimacy of your ambitions.

Where are your key buyers and their influencers sitting among these?

And how can you help pull or push them towards to degree you seek?

Typically, one of adopting your proposal as policy when they presently may inhabit a less favourable place.

I note there are a variety of techniques on offer to shift people along (such as these ‘doors‘) but perhaps the first step is the most important; realising you must make a change to a position in any case.

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