Note the 3 costs

A talking head from UK insurance giant Norwich Union (trying to rename itself Aviva at present) was on Channel4 News explaining why 4,000 jobs were being axed – despite making profits in the first half-year of a whopping £1.7bn.  Apparently Indian call centres are the way forward because of some rubbish about them being a global business.  Like UK customers’ll care about that.  Service will deteriorate significantly and if it gets as bad as my HSBC bank experiences, I trust they’ll leave in droves.  Anyhow, one thing the guy did say that interested me was this:

“there are only three costs in our business; people, property and technology”

And it made me think of potential pitches about how I could categorise a prospect’s costs/problems in a similar soundbite fashion, and explain how I could reduce/solve them……

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