Odd Number Looks Better On A Plate

Cookery shows are all over the telly. Could anyone ever beat the Floyd? Anyway, one I caught recently claimed to show you how to make restaurant calibre dishes in your own home.

The chap then presented his first meal. It was of course a masterpiece. Impossible to recreate in your own kitchen.

He did though say something interesting when preparing his veggies.

always put odd numbers of items on your plate because it looks better that way

Odd numbers ‘look better’?

I realised I’d heard this line before. Is it true?

Well, perhaps so.

When you do a slide, or write on a whiteboard, groups of 3s, 5s and maybe even 7s are what we should maybe aim for.

I was aware that when I myself scribble something out, three is often a visual I go for. So there could be something in this chef’s tip after all.

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