The latest instagram food phenomenon hails from London.

It’s easy to be seduced by his mouth-watering meals which cost well under a quid.

There’s a few drawbacks, yes. Chief among them the fact he calcs on a cost-per-unit basis. It can be a struggle to use all your bumper pack of chicken thighs, unusual spices or rare veg without shameful waste. There’s also the small matter of him clearly knowing his way around the kitchen, whereas many a viewer perhaps might not.

Still, #onepoundmeals deserves his present success.

So I was pleased to see his latest pic pop into my feeds today.

The inevitable book tie-in appears to be flying.

I deduce this because it seems to have garnered 5-stars, is a best-seller, and the author is most thankful !! xxx

That’s quite some scribbling across his Amazon page he’s done there.

Do you think it works?

Do you think it’d work for you sending a jpeg over to a prospect?

The answer for both can be ‘yes’.

Choose your topic wisely. Informality is the watchword. Quick comments for discussion. Initial ideas. General directions.

So why not? It may well stand out when set against all the overly produced corporatesque prissy powerpoint filling their inbox from competing vendors today.

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